Antisemitism in Contemporary Culture

Critical perspectives on Antisemitism in Contemporary Culture

A project supported by the Stanley and Audrey Burton Trust

The challenge:

  • To stimulate a new debate about Antisemitism
  • To provide a meeting ground between university researchers and critical thinkers from other areas of public life and the media.
  • To explore some of Antisemitism’s new forms, sites, practices and images
  • To situate Antisemitism in the expanding study of racisms of many kinds, in relation to a geographical dispersion which is linked with new directions in the study of the postcolonial, diasporic world.
  • To plot the migrations of antisemitic imagery in relation to changes in geopolitical power relations – imagery that appears in places and contexts separate from the historical foundations of European Antisemitism.

The team at the University of Leeds:

Dr Eva Frojmovic, Centre for Jewish Studies; Professor Griselda Pollock, Centre for Cultural Analysis, Theory and History; Professor Graham Huggan and others, Institute for Colonial and Postcolonial Studies; Dr Alan Craig, POLIS (Politics and International Studies); Dr Jay Prosser (English); Professor Max Silverman, Professor of French, (Centre for French and Francophone Cultural; Studies)

Three Themes:

  • Unnoticed tropes The complexities of Antisemitism in contemporary culture
  • Intersections Antisemitism and postcoloniality
  • Displacements Antisemitism and new internationalisms

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